This is how your tandem flight works

Important information, procedure and requirements for a paragliding tandem flight:


The dream of flying is surprisingly very easy to realize. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, light or heavy, tall or small. A paragliding tandem flight does not require any previous knowledge and is an extraordinary experience for the whole family. Anyone who wants to fulfill their dream of flying can easily experience it with us.  However, there are a few small things to consider:



In order to guarantee a tandem flight with the highest level of safety, it is important and necessary to inform us of any circulatory problems, pregnancy, dizziness or other physical limitations when making an appointment.


Clothing & requirements:

  • Sturdy shoes (preferably mountain boots), a jacket appropriate for the season, possibly gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • min.20kg to max.120kg
  • min. 5 years up to old age
  • Children and minors with parental permission

Meeting point / driveway:

After you have chosen one of our flights, we will fix an appointment, if possible also your desired date. Depending on the weather, wind and season, you can take the mountain railway or the car towards the starting point. The meeting point will of course be announced in advance. During the ascent, the flight ticket is filled out for your insurance cover and you are welcome to ask your pilot any questions that are important to you. PLEASE BE ON TIME AT THE MEETING POINT!



When you arrive at the launch site, your tandem pilot will give you brief instructions and an explanation to ensure a safe launch process. After we have properly put on our equipment such as helmet and seat belt, the paraglider is laid out at the launch site. If there are no further questions, you can start right away. One last safety check, wait for the right wind, take a short breath, walk along for a few meters until we take off together and you're in the air.



During the flight you sit comfortably in your harness in front of your pilot and can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Zillertal from a bird's eye view. You feel the updraft and the thermals and should you feel like "more", the pilot can of course carry out some adrenaline-increasing flight maneuvers. The passenger is king and we always try to fulfill your wishes, of course safety is our top priority.



Even the most beautiful flight comes to an end. Before landing, you will receive precise landing instructions from your pilot. Landing is easy for you as a passenger - just stretch your legs and nothing stands in the way of a smooth landing. And already the earth has you again!


Pictures & video:

If you wish we can also capture your unforgettable experience in the form of pictures and videos. Souvenir photos on SD card or directly on your smartphone. Costs EUR 25.-


“SAFETY FIRST” is our top priority!

If your tandem flight is not feasible due to the weather (too much wind, fog, rain, etc.), we will arrange an alternative date as soon as possible.



The costs for the ascent by mountain railway or taxi are NOT included in the price!

The duration of your tandem flight can vary due to wind and weather conditions.



We look forward to taking off with you soon!

Which offers are available?

Would you like to fly with us? Here you will find our paragliding flight offer in the Zillertal all year round.

Are you ready?

We look forward to your message and our joint tandem flight in the Zillertal.